Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll

Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll

Material: Carbon steel wire / Galvanized steel wire
Opening Size: 1/4” – 8”
Wire Diameter: 0.5 mm -14 mm
Width: 0.5- 3 m or As per your requirements
Roll Length: 25-30 m or As per your requirements

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Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll

Galvanized wire mesh roll is durable and economical. It can be used in many applications, such as fences, cages, machine guards, filter systems, etc. Due to its versatility and good processing performance, it is very popular among investors. In general, it is offered in rolls for easy storage and transportation. Wanzhi Steel offers a full range of galvanized wire rolls for sale in multiple sizes and designs. Moreover, we also provide great discounts for bulk orders. Welcome to contact us for the latest price!

Galvanised Wire Mesh Roll

Galvanised Wire Mesh Roll

Galvanised Wire Mesh Roll Manufacturer

GI Wire Mesh Roll

Galvanized Wire Mesh Rolls for Sale

Item Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Roll
Hole Shape Square / Rectangular
Material Available Carbon steel / Galvanized steel wire
Opening Size (Inch) 1/4” – 8”
Wire Diameter 0.5 mm -14 mm
Width 0.5- 3 m or As per your requirements
Roll Length 25-30 m or As per your requirements
Sample Available
Applications Fencing, Animal cages, Gabion, Screen, Filter, etc.
Packaging Inner waterproof kraft paper and plastic cloth outer

Benefits of Galvanised Wire Roll

Galvanized wire mesh roll is favored by both investors and uses for several reasons, including:
1. Wide Applications
Wire mesh is a versatile and economic material. It can be used in both commercial and residential projects. Especially, Wanzhi Steel offers various wire cloths with different sizes and designs to meet your special needs.
2. Easy to Work With
Wire mesh products can be used directly. Besides, it is easy to be cut, welded, formed, bent, etc. for different uses, such as sports field fencing, cages, etc. After further processing, you can sell at a higher price, which makes it profitable to invest in.
3. Durable to Use
Due to the protective zinc coating, galvanized mesh roll is more corrosion resistant. It has a longer service life than that of plain steel wire meshes.

GI Wire Mesh Shapes

GI Wire Mesh

Different Sizes of Galvanized Wire Mesh Rolls

Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll Size

4. Cost-effective Solution
The galvanized steel wire mesh is an economic alternative. Its fast and easy installation and less maintenance will save your labor cost as well.
5. Easy to Transport
Galvanized mesh in roll is easy and cheap to transport. Also, it will save storage space.

Popular Uses of Galvanized Steel Mesh Roll

The major functions of galvanized wire mesh include structuring, fencing, and screening, which can meet agricultural, industrial, and construction applications. Let’s have a review.

1. Building Projects: fencing for bridge or highway, gabions, wall retention, infill panels, security or window guards, concrete reinforcement, etc.
2. Agriculture & Aquaculture, for example, corn cribs, greenhouse, garden fencing, animal cages, insect screen, etc.
3. Industrial Uses, such as filtering system, sieving grain, machinery enclosures, vibrating screens, etc.
4. Other Uses, for example, baskets, bins, shelves, barbecue pits, etc.



Barbecue Grill

Barbecue Grill

Types of Galvanised Mesh Roll

There are different types of galvanized mesh rolls on the market. According to the galvanizing process, you can also find hot-dipped galvanized and electro-galvanized wire mesh. While the welded mesh can be divided into galvanized before welding (GBW) and galvanized after welding (GAW) types. Generally, hot-dipped galvanised welded mesh roll is more corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, which is suitable for outdoor uses. However, the electro-galvanized mesh will be cheaper. Wanzhi Steel suggests choosing the galvanized mesh roll according to the use purpose, environment, and budget. Welcome to talk to our experienced sales manager for more professional tips.

GBW Mesh

GBW Wire Mesh

GAW Mesh

GAW Wire Mesh

Packaging of Galvanised Wire Fence Roll

Galvanized steel fence rolls are packaged in coils to save for storage space and transportation costs. For export package, we usually use waterproof paper inside and then a layer of plastic film outside to protect galvanized meshes from humidity during shipping. Besides, the galvanized wire mesh rolls can be fixed with wooden pellets as required. If you have special packaging requirements, please let us know.

Galvanized Mesh Rolls for Sale

Galvanized Mesh Rolls for Sale

Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll Packaging

Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll Packaging

Get Price from Galvanized Wire Mesh Roll Manufacturers

Galvanized wire mesh proves to be a preferred investment project, as well as an affordable material. And there are numerous options when it comes to the sizes (including wire diameter and opening size), shapes, woven or welded mesh, etc. Of course, the price will different. As a leading GI mesh manufacturer in China, Wanzhi Steel will offer discounts for multiple roll purchases. Please inform us of your requirements right now!