Wire Rod

Steel Wire Rod

Material: Carbon steel
Rod Diameter: 5 mm -15 mm
Uses: Weaving of wire mesh, nail making, building material, ect.

Steel Wire Rod

Steel wire rod is a rolled steel with a round cross section. It is usually 5 to 15 mm in diameter and is sold in rolls or bundles. Wanzhi Steel produces steel wire rod by ISO standards. It can be used to manufacture screws, nails, mesh, and reinforcing elements for reinforced concrete products, etc. According to the carbon content, steel wire rods are classified as low carbon steel wire rods, medium carbon steel wire rods, high carbon steel wire rods, etc.

Low carbon – Carbon content ≤ 0.15
Medium carbon – Carbon content > 0.15% ≤ 0.23
Medium high carbon – Carbon content > 0.23% ≤ 0.44
High carbon – Carbon content > 0.44

Steel Wire Rod

Steel Wire Rod

Wire Rod Coil

Wire Rod Coil

Steel Wire Rod Specification

Product Steel Wire Rod
Material Carbon steel
Technique Hot rolled
Rod diameter 5 mm ~ 15 mm
Tensile strength 1860Mpa
Coil weight 20 – 1200 kg
Packing Coil Packing


It has a wide range of uses. Next, Wanzhi Steel takes you through its main uses.
1. Used for reinforcement of reinforced concrete and welding of structural members;
2. It becomes machine parts or tools after various cutting and heat treatments;
3. Used in the manufacture of products such as springs, bolts, and nails;
4. After reprocessing, it is used for reprocessing raw materials, such as drawing into various steel wires, twisting into steel wire ropes, or weaving into steel wire mesh.
High Quality Steel Wire Rod

High Quality Steel Wire Rod

Steel Wire Rod Manufacturer

Wanzhi Steel is a leading manufacturer of steel wire rods in China. We have decades of experience in manufacturing and exporting. If you have a plan to buy steel wire rod, Wanzhi Steel is one of the best choices for you. The wire rods we produce have the following advantages:

1. Multiple Grades and Sizes for Different Applications

We produce wire rods for various applications requiring different degrees of tensile strength, workability, ductility, and formability. In addition, you can customize different sizes from us. What’s more, we offer low, medium, and high carbon steel grades with special mechanical properties and welding characteristics, as well as high-quality steel grades with enhanced drawing properties. You can make your choice according to your actual needs.

2. Consistent Composition and Dimensional Accuracy

Wanzhi Steel uses high purity raw materials and a sophisticated steelmaking process to produce steel wire rods. This ensures that the chemical composition of each batch of wire rod we produce is consistent. In addition, our factory is equipped with experienced staff and equipment to ensure that the wire rods are produced to very tight dimensional tolerances.

3. High Quality and Longer Service Life

Each batch of wire rods we produce is made from superior raw materials to give the final product a longer life. We can ensure that the quality of the finished product is up to par. In addition, we can accept third-party testing to give our customers more peace of mind. You can always trust Wanzhi Steel.

Steel Wire Rod for Sale

Steel Wire Rod for Sale

Wanzhi Factory

Wanzhi Factory

Steel Wire Rod Price

The price of steel wire rods is related to many factors, such as size, material, quantity, etc. If you want to get a detailed price list when contacting Wanzhi Steel now.
1. Contact us via email or website message.
2. Tell us the exact specifications you need.
3. If you have other additional requirements, please let us know as well.
4. One of our sales managers will contact you to give you a quote.

Tips: If you are going to buy wire rods in small quantities, buying them locally is best. However, if you want to buy large quantities of wire rods, it is best to import directly from the manufacturer. They can issue a certificate and offer cost savings. This is better than buying locally or in small quantities from a distributor.

Steel Wire Rods – Packaging & Shipping

The wire rods sold by Wanzhi Steel are often packaged in coils. This is because coils are more convenient to transport and use. Coiled wire takes up less space than a rod cut to size. This means that it is more space efficient to store. In addition, buying wire in coils saves material. You can cut the wire to a specific size, so there is no waste. If you have other requirements for the packaging of wire rods, we will try to meet your needs.

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Wire Rod Coil in Factory


Steel wire rod is very popular in the market because of their good performance. Compared with galvanized wire, its wire diameter can be made thicker. Wanzhi Steel offers both types of wire. You can get more information about our products by visiting our website. We have a team of professional sales consultants who can handle your questions efficiently. If you choose an experienced manufacturer like us, it will save you a lot of time. Contact us now!