Welded Wire Fabric

Welded Wire Fabric

Material: Low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire
Wire Diameter: 4 – 14 mm
Spacing: 25 – 400 mm
Packaging: In Panels

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Welded Wire Fabric

As the main coverage and protection material, the welded wire fabric is widely used in concrete reinforcement structures, ground support applications, and other large projects. Besides, it has high strength, easy installation, and great durability as well as prevention from cracking. Wanzhi Steel offers high-quality welded wire fabric for sale, and the mesh fabrication can meet different requirements. Importantly, our company also has the ability to produce the welded steel wire mesh according to customer drawings. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Welded Wire Fabric

Welded Wire Fabric

Welded Wire Fabric for Concrete

Welded Wire Fabric for Concrete

Welded Wire Fabric Properties

Due to its simple design, the wire fabric is easy to unload and install and has a homogeneous solid structure. In addition to this, it offers other high levels of performance, such as:

1. Excellent Corrosion and Rust Resistance

The mesh can be galvanized or plastic coated. This will improve its corrosion resistance and make it longer and more durable.

2. Reduction of Steel Consumption

Compared with ordinary welded wire mesh, the amount of welded wire cloth for concrete is relatively reduced by more than 30%. Meanwhile, its strength and toughness are increased from 210Mpa to 360Mpa.

3. Increase Efficiency and Save Cost

The mesh does not require some traditional procedures such as rebar straightening, cutting, and placing. It not only simplifies the construction process, but also shortens the construction period by 50%-70% and saves more than 15% of the construction cost.

4. Easy to Cut

With the help of wire cutters, the welded fabric can be easily cut. You can easily bend it to the required size and then lay it down. This also means that labor will be saved considerably.

High Quality Welded Wire Fabric

High Quality Welded Wire Fabric

Welded Wire Mesh Production

Welded Wire Mesh for Sale

5. Improve the Quality of Work

It overcomes the leakage of tying and buckling caused by the manual placement of reinforcement in traditional concrete work. Not only that, it enhances the adhesion with concrete and prevents concrete cracks due to its angular surface.

6. Customizable in Different Sizes

It is available in various wire diameters, lengths, and hole diameters. Therefore, you can customize it to meet your project requirements. Please feel free to contact us for your specific requirements.

What Is Welded Wire Fabric Used For?

Welded wire fabric is an important reinforcement component for concrete structures. This makes it widely used in construction, transportation, industrial, agricultural, commercial, mining, and other decorative applications. Below are its specific applications:

1. Floor slab reinforcement

2. Floor and wall systems

3. Roof slabs

4. Architectural prefabricated wall panels

5. Coal mine support mesh

6. Bridge deck decking

Building Wall Panels

Building Wall Panels

Welded Wire Reinforcement for Concrete

Welded Wire Reinforcement for Concrete

What Is Welded Wire Fabric?

The welded wire fabric is typically a heavy type of welded wire mesh for concrete products, gradually replacing the traditional “cut & bend” reinforcement. It is generally manufactured by steel wires or rebars in a square or rectangular grid. Moreover, the mesh is either welded before or after galvanizing, making it quakeproof and crack-resistant.

Cost of Welded Wire Fabric

The cost of welded steel wire fabric is related to many factors, such as raw material, wire diameter, surface treatment, etc. If you want to get its accurate price, contact us now. We will provide you with the latest price list within 12 hours.

In order to provide you with the best price as soon as possible, we need more information from you. Please confirm the exact specifications you need, including wire diameter, material, mesh size, surface treatment, etc., and how many tons you need.

Different Types of Welded Wire Fabric for Concrete

According to the classification of its galvanizing technology, welded wire cloth for concrete can be divided into the following two types.

1. Hot-dipped Galvanized Welded Wire Fabric 

This type of mesh is generally composed of low-carbon steel wire. During processing, it is subjected to hot-dip galvanizing treatment. After hot-dip galvanizing, welded wire cloth for concrete has strong corrosion resistance and is the most commonly used type.

2. Electro Galvanized Welded Wire Fabric

This type of welded steel wire fabric is galvanized by passing an electric current at room temperature to give it corrosion resistance and smoothness. It is available in different forms, such as rolls and panels for industrial use.

Welded Steel Wire Reinforcement

Welded Steel Wire Reinforcement

Welded Steel Mesh in Wanzhi

Welded Steel Mesh in Wanzhi

How To Choose the High-quality Welded Wire Fabric?

When purchasing the welded wire fabric reinforcement, there are a few things you have to pay attention to:

1. Considering the mesh gauge. Measure the wire diameter of the steel wire you will use.

2. Observing the mesh quality. Study carefully whether the welded part of the reinforced mesh is firmly welded and whether the welding structure is reasonable. A welded mesh with rosin joint and desoldering is unqualified.

3. Testing the useability of mesh. Ensure that the tension, torque, and other details are up to your requirements.

4. Choosing a reliable mesh supplier. A good supplier can get you out of a lot of trouble from pre-sales to after-sales.

Buy from Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi Steel offers a full range of metal mesh, including welded wire mesh reinforcement, concrete mesh, welded wire mesh panels, hardware cloth, perforated mesh, and more. Our products are sold all over the world. We have received good feedback from many customers due to the high quality of our products. Next, you will find out why you should choose Wanzhi Steel.

Welded Mesh Panels Wholese

Welded Mesh Panels Wholese



1. Adequate Automatic Mesh Welding Facilities

Our factory is equipped with dozens of automatic mesh welding machines. This means that we can supply hundreds and thousands of tons of welded wire mesh in a very short period of time. Also, it means that you will get it quickly and carry out your project in time.

2. Strict Quality Control System

All of Wanzhi Steel’s welding wire fabric is manufactured in accordance with the strict industrial standards of ASTM A1064. From the raw material to the final product, they are subjected to rigorous quality testing. This greatly ensures that all mesh fabric has perfect performance.

3. Competitive Price

We offer a reasonable price in all global markets. We will offer high quality products at factory selling prices, as well as discounts for bulk orders.

4. Perfect Service

Wanzhi Steel provides you with a range of services before, during, and after the sale. In addition, We have a multi-lingual team that can communicate with you in a timely manner. You can fully trust Wanzhi Steel to be the welded wire mesh supplier for you and your customers.

Below is the welded wire fabric size chart for your reference.

Size No. Size No. Diameter Area (in.2/ft) Area (in.2/ft) Area (in.2/ft) Area (in.2/ft)
Smooth Deformed (in.) Space 4 in. Space 6 in. Space 10 in. Space 12 in.
W31 D31 0.628 0.93 0.62 0.372 0.31
W11 D11 0.374 0.33 0.22 0.132 0.11
W10 D10 0.356 0.30 0.20 0.12 0.10
W9 D9 0.338 0.27 0.18 0.108 0.09
W8 D8 0.319 0.24 0.16 0.096 0.08
W7 D7 0.298 0.21 0.14 0.084 0.07
W6 D6 0.276 0.18 0.12 0.072 0.06
W5.5 0.264 0.165 0.11 0.066 0.055
W5 D5 0.252 0.15 0.10 0.06 0.05
W4 D4 0.225 0.12 0.08 0.048 0.04
W3.5 0.211 0.105 0.07 0.042 0.035
W2.9 0.192 0.087 0.058 0.035 0.029
W2.5 0.178 0.075 0.05 0.03 0.025
W2.1 0.162 0.063 0.042 0.025 0.021
W1.4 0.135 0.042 0.028 0.017 0.014