Galvanized Wire Mesh

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

Type: Woven & Woven
Finish: Galvanized
Color: Silver
Opening shape: Square, Diamond, Rectangular, Hexagonal

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Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanized steel wire mesh has strength, smooth appearance, and durability to fulfill various functions, such as industrial settings, animal cages, plant climbing, fencing, etc. Its lightweight also makes it easy to install. Wanzhi Steel has an extensive selection of wire diameters, mesh hole sizes and patterns, as well as welded or woven wire mesh. If you are looking for galvanized wire mesh, please contact us for more details!

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh in China

Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

GI Steel Wire Mesh for Sale

GI Wire Mesh

Features of Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance

The galvanizing process protects the steel wire mesh against oxidation to greatly prolong its service life. Under normal conditions, the hot-dipped galvanized wire mesh will last more than 30 years. Also, it is suitable for different climatic conditions and outdoor use.

2. Easy to Install

Due to its lightweight and good processing performance, it is flexible to use and install to meet your specific uses. They are often packaged in coils or panels.

3. Almost Free Maintenance

Galvanized steel mesh is just like other GI products. It requires less maintenance during use, which will lower your cost. By the way, it is more cost-effective than stainless products.

GI Wire Mesh Size

Galvanized Wire Mesh Size

Wanzhi Steel Wire Mesh for Sale

GI Wire Mesh for Sale

Application of Galvanized Steel Mesh

Galvanized wire mesh is widely found in industrial and agricultural applications, as well as construction, transportation, mining, and other industries, for example:

1. Construction Uses, like fencing or partition for highways, bridges, houses, gardens, sports grounds, gates, windows, etc. It is mainly for security purposes. Besides, due to its great strength, it is also widely used in cement floors, foundations, wall protection, slope stabilization, etc.
2. Daily Uses, such as shelves, animal cages, grilling, insect screen, sink, etc.
3. Agricultural Uses, for example, greenhouses, wire mesh for climbing plants, tree guards, etc.

Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing

Animal Cage

Animal Cage

Galvanised Steel Mesh Types

Hot-dipped VS Electro Galvanized Wire Mesh

According to the galvanizing process, it can be divided into hot dipped galvanized wire mesh and electro galvanized iron wire. The former one is the mesh is dipped into hot molten zinc to form a zinc layer on the surface of the mesh. While the electro galvanizing process is also known as cold galvanizing process, which uses organic zinc particles and paints the mesh surface.

Galvanized Woven VS Welded Wire Mesh

There are two ways to hand the overlapping sections of wire: welding them together or weaving them under and over one another. The welded mesh is made through welding processing while the woven mesh is made with hot-dipped galvanized wire.

Square, Diamond & Hexagonal Mesh

There are different designs of the mesh hole in different sizes, including square, diamond, rectangular, and hexagonal shapes. Below are pictures for your reference.

Galvanized Square Wire Mesh


Diamond Mesh


Hexagonal Mesh


How Does Galvanizing Prevent Corrosion?

Galvanized steel is of excellent corrosion resistance. Let’s review how galvanizing works.
The zinc layer provides a physical barrier to prevent corrosive substances from reacting with the underlying steel. Even if the coating is scratched, the exposed steel will still be protected by the zinc cathodic reaction. So in normal conditions, the galvanized steel wire mesh will last more than 20 years. The service life of steel mesh is also influenced by the thickness of zinc coating. You can choose according to your needs or you can contact us for professional tips.

How to Choose A Suitable Galvanized Iron Mesh?

The key to choosing wire mesh depends on the application. You need to consider the size of the mesh hole, the design, welded or chain link mesh, etc. For example, 6 mm*6 mm hole mesh is the best option for rodent protection or pest control. While the mesh with a hole size of 50 mm*50 mm will be a good option for general fencing needs and big animal enclosure, such as dog, tiger, etc. Compared to woven mesh, the welded mesh is stronger and the surface is smoother. While chain link mesh is more commonly used as fencing because of its flexibility.

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturer

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Large Stock of Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh

Galvanized Wire Mesh Stock

Anyway, you need to choose the mesh according to your specific needs. With the right product for the conditions, installed and maintained properly, your galvanized steel mesh will last for many decades. If you have any difficulty in deciding on which is the ideal mesh for you, please feel free to contact us for help.