Galvanized Gabion Mesh

Galvanized Gabion Basket

Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire / Galvanized Steel Wire
Wire Diameter: 2.0 mm – 6.0 mm
Mesh Hole Size (mm): 50*70, 60*80, 80*100, 100*120, 120*150
Surface Treatment: Galvanized or PVC-coated
Making Method: Woven or Welded

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Galvanized Gabion Basket

Galvanized gabion basket is widely used in landscaping and civil engineering projects for decorative or stability purposes. At Wanzhi Steel, we offer both woven and weld gabion wire mesh for sale. And it is available in various wire diameters, mesh hole sizes, and mesh sizes. Also, our gabion mesh is galvanized or PVC-coated to protect it from rusting. Galvanized gabion box is silver-colored. If you want more color options, you can also choose PVC-coated gabions. Welcome to contact us for more details!

Welded Gabion Mesh

Welded Gabion Mesh

Woven Galvanized Gabion Basket

Woven Gabion Basket

Galvanized Gabion Mesh for Sale

Item Gabion Wire Baskets
Raw Material Low Carbon Steel Wire
Surface Treatment Galvanized or PVC-coated
Mesh Hole Size 50*50 mm, 76*76 mm, 50*70 mm, 60*80 mm, 80*100 mm, 100*120 mm, 120* 150 mm, etc.
Hole Shape Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal
Wire Diameter 2.0-6.0 mm
Technics Woven or Welded
Packaging By bundle or by pallet

Applications of Gabion Baskets

People often use gabion baskets for construction, decoration, etc. Let’s review the applications below.

1. Slope retaining, foundation pit supporting, retaining wall structures, landslide and debris flow control projects;

2. Riverbank reinforcement, protection for riverbank, canal banks, dams, weirs, etc.

3. Slope greening, noise and environmental barriers on railways or highways;

4. Architectural uses for aesthetic or decorative purposes.

Gabion Wall

Gabion Wall

Slope Retaining

Slope Retaining

Advantages of Galvanized Gabion Boxes

1. Durability

Both galvanized and PVC-coated wire meshes have excellent corrosion resistance. It is extremely efficient to resist natural destruction and the influence of severe weather. Its service life is more than 25 years and it generally requires no maintenance.

2. Flexibility

Gabion wire mesh box has good tensile resistance. Especially, woven wire mesh has a flexible structure, which can withstand a large area of deformation without breaking. Even if a piece of wire breaks, it will not affect the whole structure.

3. Great Landscape and Protection Effect

Gabion wire baskets combine engineering and greening, which can effectively prevent soil erosion. After putting the stone or other filling materials into gabions, 30% gaps are left. The gaps allow the plantation to grow over time. Using gabions will not destroy the natural environment. On the contrary, it is an ideal choice for landscaping and greening.

4. Stronger Impact Resistance

The impact resistance of gabion basket structure is more than twice the impact resistance of general protective wall. The gabion netting is a flexible structure, when affected by the scouring of water, the stones in the gabion basket will not affect the overall performance even if they are displaced by impact.

5.  Easy & Quick Installation

It is easy to install. Just put the stone in the gabion cage and seal it. No special skills are required and no electricity or water are required, neither.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Gabion wire mesh uses fewer materials, which makes it more economical than conventional structures. Besides, it requires less maintenance and lower labor costs.

GI Gabion Basket Details

GI Gabion Basket Details

High Quality Galvanized Gabion Mesh

High Quality Galvanized Gabion Mesh

What Is Gabion Basket?

Gabion basket is made of wire mesh and filled with rock, stone, or other materials. And it almost looks like a cage. Generally, it is available in square, rectangular, or hexagonal in hole shape. According to the making method, it can be divided into woven and welded gabion baskets. While in terms of the coating, you can find galvanized and PVC coated gabion boxes.

Production Processing:
Low carbon steel wire – Galvanized/Plastic-coated – Weaving or welding – Cutting – Edge folding – Product testing – Packaging for sale

How to Calculate Gabion Weight?

Here is a weight calculation formula: wire diameter (mm) * wire diameter (mm)* mesh count * length (m)* width (m)*1.5/2= weight (kg)

For example, the wire diameter is 2 mm, and the mesh hole size is 60*80 mm. The mesh count will be 25.4/(60+80)=0.18. And it is 1 m in length and 1 m in width. Then the weight of the wire mesh (per square meter) is about 2*2*0.18*1*1*1.5/2=0.54 kg.

Galvanized Gabion Basket Packaging

It is generally packaged in bundles. In addition, some special sizes of galvanized gabion baskets need to be packed in woven bags or wooden boxes for transportation. We will make a perfect packing to reduce it is damaged or scratched during the transportation. If you have special requirements for its packing method, you can contact us for communication.

Price of Galvanized Gabion Basket

Because of the unstable market situation of raw materials, their production quantity, duration, and price are also affected. The price of gabion basket produced by Wanzhi Steel varies according to the size and raw material, such as PVC coated gabion basket is more expensive than galvanized gabion basket. But you can rest assured that the price of our gabion baskets must be proportional to their quality. Besides, we have our factory, which means we can offer you factory selling price to save your money.

Galvanized Gabion Basket

Galvanized Gabion Basket

Gabion Mesh Production Line

Production Line

Galvanized VS PVC Coated Gabion Wire Mesh

Considering the different coating finish, you can find galvanized and PVC-coated gabion baskets. Galvanized gabion is covered with a zinc layer, which has strong corrosion resistance. The maximum zinc coating thickness can reach up to 300 g/m2.

PVC-coated gabion is coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which can extend its service life. Also, the PVC coating provides better resistance to weather and UV rays. Moreover, it has more colors to choose from. The popular colors include green, black, white, etc.

Woven VS Welded Gabion Box

Welded wire mesh has a smooth surface and uniform mesh, which is more aesthetic and stronger. Also, welded gabions are more resistant to corrosion. We have welded gabion boxes available in square and rectangular mesh hole shapes. It is popular for retaining wall structures, landscaping & architectural structures, etc.

Woven gabion is made by twisting wires into hexagonal wire netting, which has more flexible structures. It is mainly used for retaining wall structures, erosion and scour protection, etc. Below are pictures of the flexibility test of woven and welded gabion baskets.

Galvanized Gabion Basket

Welded Gabion

Woven Gabion Wire Mesh

Woven Gabion Under Stress

How To Choose Gabion Wire Mesh?

As an experienced gabion basket manufacturer, we suggest choosing gabion wire mesh according to its applications and use purposes. You need to take the product material, wire diameter, opening size, coating, and processing technique into consideration.

As mentioned, woven wire mesh is flexible and soft to adapt to various environments. It can keep its strength and integrity even under great stress and strain so that it is suitable for rockfall protection barriers, slope stabilization, etc. While welded gabion mesh excels in aesthetic applications. So it is commonly used for landscape architecture, decorative cladding, retaining walls, etc. If you want more color options and you have enough budget, PVC-coated gabions will be your best choice. Except that, you also need to choose the mesh size, opening size, and wire diameter. For example, gabion mattress is shorter than gabion baskets, which is useful for erosion control. If you are looking for gabions for river protection and bridge protection, gabion mattress will be a better choice.

Black PVC-coated Gabion Basket

Black PVC-coated Gabion Basket

PVC-coated Gabion Basket

PVC Gabion Basket

How Long Does Galvanized Gabion Basket Last?

Typically, it has a life expectancy of 10 to 40 years. The service life of galvanized gabion basket is directly related to the environment in which it is installed. Exposing it to salt water, fresh water, highly acidic soil, etc. can affect the long-term durability of the structure. In addition, the number of coatings, coating uniformity, and coating hardness will also directly affect its service life.

1. Generally speaking, the more zinc content the gabion basket coating has, the better its anti-corrosion performance and the longer its life span.

2. Secondly, the uniformity of the coating is also important. Maximum corrosion protection can only be achieved when the surface of the mild steel wire is uniformly covered with a zinc layer. If the coating is not uniform, some places are thick and some places are thin. Then the thin coating is easy to corrode, which will affect the overall life of the galvanized gabion basket.

In conclusion, to improve the life of galvanized gabion mesh, the amount of coating, coating uniformity, coating hardness, and other factors must be strictly controlled. Wanzhi Steel will strictly control the quality of galvanized gabion basket when producing it. We are committed to producing high quality gabions to maximize the profitability of your project. If you have any questions, you can contact us for more details!

Gabion Mesh Rolls

Gabion Mesh Rolls

Gabion Mesh Panels

Gabion Mesh Panels

Where to Buy Gabion Baskets?

Many manufacturers sell gabion baskets in the market. Wanzhi Steel is one of the wholesale gabion basket suppliers. We have 17 years of experience in the industry and export gabion basket to all over the world. If you are looking for galvanized gabion basket manufacturer, please make us your first choice.

1. Adopting High Quality Raw Materials

The gabion mesh products produced by Wanzhi Steel are made of high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials. These finished products have a beautiful appearance with a flat surface, which is far better than the inferior products on the market. Besides, the factory is equipped with advanced quality inspection equipment to ensure the quality of gabion baskets.

2. Complete Specifications

Wanzhi Steel produces gabion baskets with complete specifications and a variety of material types to choose from, such as galvanized and PVC coated. In addition, we have an experienced R&D and design team, and can individually customize gabion basket products. Therefore, you can choose according to your actual needs.

3. Prompt Delivery

Our factory is located in Hebei Province, China, with a factory area of 12,000 square meters and a daily production capacity of 50,000 square meters. This means that we have a strong production capacity and supply capability. Therefore, the shipment of galvanized gabion baskets is fast. We can deliver in time to ensure your project starts in time.

4. Perfect Service

We provide perfect pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services. In addition, our staff will be online 24/7 to answer your questions. If you want to get a quote, please tell us the specifications you need and you will get the latest price list.

Wanzhi Factory

Wanzhi Factory

GI Gabion Basket in Wanzhi

GI Gabion Basket in Wanzhi


Galvanized gabion basket is customizable, easy to build, and multipurpose. Also, it is economic and it has little to no maintenance. That’s why it is a good choice for both construction and decoration projects. Wanzhi Steel is a galvanized wire mesh manufacturer in China, which has been in this industry for decades. We supply both galvanized and PVC coated gabion boxes in various sizes and wire diameters. If you want more details about the products, please free feel to contact us!