Galvanized Farm Fence

Galvanized Farm Fence

Hole Shape: Square / Rectangular / Diamond / Hexagonal
Surface Treatment: Galvanized / PVC coated
Sample: Available
Applications: Hog panel, chain link, deer fence, rabbit fence, sheep fence, etc.

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Galvanized Farm Fence

Galvanized farm fence is a cost-effective solution to control your animals and to keep other animals out. It is widely used as rabbit guard fence, aviary wire, cattle or horse fence, hog panels, etc. Wanzhi Steel carries a wide range of galvanized field fencing for sale, which is of great corrosion resistance, flexibility, and weather resistance. Also, there are various sizes of wire mesh to meet different requirements. We are able to offer discounts for bulk orders. Welcome to contact us for details!

Galvanized Farm Fence in China

Galvanized Farm Fence

Galvanized Farm Fence

GI Farm Fence

Galvanized Farm Fence for Sale

Galvanized fence is affordable, durable, and simple to install, which is an ideal choice for agricultural uses. You can find GI farm fences in various heights and wire spacing to suit a variety of needs. And you need to choose the fence depending on the size and the number of your livestock. If you want more details, please feel free to contact us!

Item  Galvanized Farm Fence
Material  Low carbon steel
Packaging Type  Panel / Roll
Hole Shape  Square / Rectangular / Diamond / Hexagonal
Zinc Coating Thickness  60-240 g per square meter
Surface Treatment  Galvanized / PVC coated
Sample  Available
Applications  Hog panel, chain link, deer fence, rabbit fence, sheep fence, etc.

Advantages of Galvanized Livestock Fencing

1. Durability
Galvanized product is covered with zinc, which will offer corrosion protection. It is proved that the galvanized steel mesh has longer service life than the plain steel fence.

2. Anti-collision
Galvanized farm fence is made of galvanized wire with a strong load-bearing capacity. When weaving, the horizontal wire is twisted with the vertical wire to enhance the tensile strength of the fence. Therefore, it can withstand the fierce striking of cattle, horses, sheep, and other livestock.

3. Easy Installation
The fence installation is not affected by the undulation of the terrain. It is very adaptable even in the hillside or multi-curved areas.

4. Beautiful Appearance
The galvanized fence has a smooth and bright surface. It is highly ornamental whether it is used for farm or daily life.

GI Livestock Fencing

Galvanized Livestock Fencing

Use of Fences

Galvanized Fencing

Cold VS Hot-dipped Galvanized Farm Fence

Wanzhi Steel offers both cold galvanized and hot-dipped galvanized farm fencing, you can choose according to your usage environment and budget. Let’s see the difference between them.
1. The cold galvanized layer is uniform but very thin. While the hot galvanized layer is thick but uneven in thickness.
2. Because the zinc layer of cold galvanized fencing is thin, its corrosion resistance is poor. While the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanized wire is thicker, so it can form a dense layer with the base metal. That’s why its corrosion resistance is very good.
3. The appearance of cold galvanized mesh is more bright, while the color of hot-dip galvanized farm fence is darker.

Cold Galvanized Fencing

Cold Galvanized Fencing

Hot-dipped Galvanized Farm Fence

Hot-dipped Galvanized Farm Fence

Where to Buy Galvanized Wire Fencing?

Considering its wide applications, investing in galvanized farm fencing is promising. So where can you buy quality fences at reasonable prices? Wanzhi Steel, as one of the top galvanized farm fence manufacturers in China, will be a great choice for you.

1. Wide Options
Wanzhi Group provides various fencing products in different sizes and opening sizes. Besides, we also offer custom solutions to meet your special needs.

2. Quality Products
In addition to professional equipment, Wanzhi Steel also has a strict quality control system. All products will be tested before delivery. Also, the third-party inspection is acceptable.

3. Professional Service System
Wanzhi Steel has 12 years of export experience and has developed a full system from pre-sales consulting, production, shipping to after-sales service. Besides, there is a plurilingual team to serve clients all over the world.

Galvanized Farm Fence in Stock

Galvanized Farm Fence in Stock

High Quality Farm Fencing

Wanzhi Steel Farm Fence

How to Package Galvanized Farm Fencing?

Galvanized fence mesh is often packaged in rolls or panels. We often use a layer of waterproof kraft paper inside and then a layer of plastic coating outside, which aims to protect the products from moisture during shipping. Then it will be fixed with wooden pellets. If you have special requirements, please inform us in detail!

Wanzhi Steel Factory

Wanzhi Steel Factory

Packaging Method of Galvanized Farm Fence

GI Farm Fence Packaging

Request Galvanized Farm Fence Price from Wanzhi Steel

As a professional galvanized farm fencing manufacturer, we can design and produce products according to customers’ requirements of different environments, different load-bearing capacities, and shapes. Wanzhi Steel has its own factory to provide you with high-quality fencing products at factory sales price. Welcome to contact us to get a free quote.