What Is Baling Wire?

Baling wire is also known as bundling wire. It is a wire material made of steel. In most cases, baling wire is commonly used in the recycling industry to bale and compress materials that need to be processed through recycling means. Besides, you can also see baling wire in agriculture, for example, for baling hay bales or straw. In short, baling wire is a versatile material. If you are interested in it, read on to learn more.

Baling Wire for Recycling Industry

Within the recycling industry, you will often see baling wire. It is often used to bale compacted waste bales. Whether it’s cardboard, plastic, or paper, using baling wire allows you to efficiently organize, store, and prepare these waste products for recycling. In addition, baling wire saves space by effectively bundling the waste that needs to be recycled. Baling wire is the best choice if you want to keep your waste from falling apart as you transport it from one place to another.

Steel Baling Wire

Steel Baling Wire

Bundling Scrap

Bundling Scrap

Hay Binding

Hay Binding

What Are the Different Types of Baling Wire Available?

At Wanzhi Steel, there are four types of baling wire to choose from. Besides, each type of baling wire is available in different wire diameters, lengths, and surface treatments. You can choose according to your actual needs.

1. Single Loop Baling Wire

Single loop baling wire is made of black annealed and galvanized wire. This wire is highly flexible and can be cut to different lengths according to the requirements of use.

2. Double Loop Baling Wire

The double-loop baling wire has a curved loop at both ends. When using it, you can easily snap the two ends of the loop together and finish baling very quickly. Double-loop baling wire is ideal for baling materials. Because it is easy to use, double-loop baling wire is quite popular in the recycling industry.

3. Black Annealed Baling Wire

Compared with other types of steel wires, a black annealed baling wire has very good flexibility. Wanzhi Steel produces black annealed baling wire in different sizes that can be used for baling various materials. Besides, the black annealed baling wire is coated with oil to ensure that the wire will not wear or rust over time.

4. Galvanized Baling Wire

Galvanized baling wire has very good corrosion resistance. Since the outside of the wire is coated with a uniform layer of zinc, it does not rust easily. In addition, this wire has strong tensile strength and can be used not only for baling scrap but also for bundling some construction materials.

Single Loop Baling Wire

Single Loop Baling Wire

Galvanized Baling Wire

Galvanized Double Loop Baling Wire

Black Annealed Baling Wire

Black Annealed Baling Wire

Choose the Right Baling Wire Gauge

 Before purchasing baling wire, you need to consider choosing the right wire gauge for the material you are baling. Usually, Wanzhi Steel sells baling wire with wire gauges ranging from 6 – 14 gauge. You can choose according to your actual needs. You need to be aware that the lower gauge wire is thicker and stronger than the higher gauge wire. If you don’t know what gauge of baling wire to choose for your project, you can ask Wanzhi Steel for help. We will recommend the most suitable baling wire for you.

Buy Baling Wire from Wanzhi Steel

 Wanzhi Steel has been in the steel industry for decades. We have our factory and are capable of taking large volume orders. You can buy from us not only baling wire but also zinc-aluminum alloy wire, barbed wire, construction binding wire, and so on. In addition, we have a professional team that can provide you with project solutions. Whether you are interested in buying baling wire or want to know its price, we are ready to talk with you. We look forward to your contact.

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