What Is High Tensile Wire?

High tensile wire is made of high-carbon steel. It has a carbon content of about 0.28%. Compared to other steel wires made of mild steel with a carbon content of up to 10%, it has a higher carbon content. Generally speaking, the higher the carbon content, the stronger the wire will be. This also means that high tensile steel wire will be more sturdy. Wanzhi Steel sells different sizes of high tensile wire. If you are interested in it, please read on for more details!

High Tensile Wire

High Tensile Wire

High Quality Wire

High Quality High Tensile Wire

Features of High Tensile Wire

1. Strong and Durable

High-tensile steel wire has high strength and good tensile properties. Even under harsh environmental conditions, this wire still performs well. In addition, this wire is very durable and can be used for decades without replacement.

2. Easy to Maintain

High tensile wire has a long service life. Especially when it is surface treated, the corrosion resistance is greatly increased and it can easily last for decades. During this time, it does not require regular maintenance. This also assumes that you will save more effort and time.

3. Cost-effective

Fences made with this steel wire are ideal. This is because of the high strength of the high tensile wire. It does not require many support posts along the installation, so less material is needed. Therefore, it will cost less to install than other types of fencing.

4. More Secure

High tensile wire is much safer for livestock than barbed wire. High tensile wire can effectively control animals such as cattle, horses, pigs, and sheep without hurting them easily.

Farm Fence Wire

Farm Fence Wire


High Tensile Wire Uses

Applications of High Tensile Wire

Due to its good performance, it is used in a variety of different applications. Below are its main uses for your reference.

1. Agriculture. Use it to cordon off large areas of farmland to prevent intruders and animals from being controlled.

2. Pasture. Used to keep animals in captivity.

3. Construction industry. It is mainly used for all kinds of lifting, hoisting, and pulling.

4. In addition, high tensile steel wire can be used for baling wire.

Is High Tensile Wire Easy to Install?

The answer is yes. High tensile wire is easy to install. It has low slack and when installing it, there is no need to pre-stretch the wire, just place it on the post and pull it tight. Because High Tensile Wire is much stronger than low carbon steel wire, it can be installed on fewer posts. The high tensile wire will remain tight after installation. It will recover even after a hard impact.

Steel Wire Supplier

Steel Wire Supplier

Steel Wire for Sale

High Tensile Wire for Sale


High tensile wire is one of Wanzhi Steel’s hot products. It has high investment value. In addition, it is strong and is the first choice for agricultural fencing. We offer high tensile steel wire in different wire diameters, lengths, and coatings for different industries. Besides, you can also find other steel wire products such as galvanized wire, annealed wire, baling wire, and construction tying wire on our website. If you are interested in our products, you can contact us for more details.