How to Install Game Fence?

Game fence is a tall, high-strength perimeter barrier. It is often used to keep cattle, sheep, deer, etc. Using a game fence can keep intruders off your property. Also, at home, game fencing can protect your flower and vegetable gardens. As a manufacturer of professional fences, Wanzhi Steel can provide advice on proper fencing. If you want to learn how to install a game fence, please read on to learn more.

High Quality Game Fence

High Quality Game Fence

Game Fence

Game Fence

Things You Should Prepare Before Installing A Game Fence

Here are some options for you to consider when installing your fence.

1. Support – Anything to which your fence can be attached, such as stakes.

2. Fasteners – Anything used to attach your fence to support.

3. Sturdy and flexible wire and nails.

4. Shovels, buckets, and wheelbarrows.

5. Hammer – Used to drive supports into the ground.

6. Wire cutters for cutting wire and fencing (a good trimmer will also work).

7. Ladders – Sturdy and safe supports to climb to high places.

8. Gloves (fences may have some sharp or porous parts).


Game Fencing for Sale

Game Fencing for Sale

Game Fencing

Game Fence Details

The Proper Way to Install A Game Fencing

1. Clearing the Site

Before installing a game fence, you will need to clear a wide area along the intended fence line. Be sure to clear away rocks, trees, and other debris that may interfere with the fence. In addition, the cleared area should be wide enough to allow access once the fence is complete.

2. Digging Post Holes

When digging the post holes, you can dig a little deeper, usually, 3 feet is sufficient. Also, mix gravel and water with dirt and fill in around each post. Then, tamp the soil around each post with a metal rod. This way the posts will be held very firmly in place.

3. Setting Up the Pillars

Next, it comes to the step of setting the pillars. Generally speaking, Wanzhi Steel‘s recommendation is to install a pillar every 3 meters. One-third of the height of the pillar should be underground so that it can resist the pulling and pushing of animals.

4. Placing the Fence

First, put the fence up, starting at the first corner, and nail it securely to the posts with fence nails. Then, place a nail on each strand or every other strand of the fence line. Next, use a fence stretcher to tighten the fence along the entire section. Finally, use wire and nails to attach the fence securely to the posts.

Game Fences for Farms

Game Fences for Farms

Animal Fencing

Animal Fencing

If you are installing a fence for a large animal, such as a feral pig. Our recommendation is to add barbed wire to the ground to prevent feral pigs from passing under the net. The installation should be done in such a way that the wire is straight and tight so that it can withstand potential attacks from those powerful animals.


Wanzhi Steel’s game fencing is made of high quality steel wire. The surface of the fence is covered with an even and smooth zinc layer that protects it from corrosion. In addition, this fence is strong and has strong reliability, and can be used outdoors for many years. We offer different sizes of game fences. You can customize the right size of a fence from us according to your actual needs. If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us for more details!