Hot Dipped VS Electro Galvanized Wire

Hot-dipped galvanized wire and electro-galvanized wire are widely used in construction, woven wire mesh, fence mesh, product packaging, etc. because of their advantages such as high strength, corrosion, and rust prevention. So do you know what are the differences between hot-dipped galvanized and electro-galvanized wires? Next, Wanzhi Steel will take you through some details.

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized Wire

Galvanized Wire for Sale

Galvanized Wire for Sale

What is Hot-Dipped Galvanized Wire?

Hot-dip galvanized wire is made from high quality low carbon steel wire, which is formed by drawing, pickling, and rust removal, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanizing, and cooling. Hot-dip galvanizing protects the wire, making it less susceptible to wear and tear. Even under harsh conditions, hot-dip galvanized wire remains rust-free for a long time.

Longer service life;
High strength;
High resistance to wear and tear.
Uneven thickness of zinc layer;
More expensive than electro-galvanized wire;
Darker color;

What Is Electro-galvanized Wire?

Electro-galvanized wire is coated with a uniform layer of zinc on the wire using the principle of electrolysis. The zinc layer produced by the electro-galvanizing process is very thin and soft. This means that the zinc layer of the electro-galvanized wire is easily damaged and therefore the wire is subject to corrosion.

Bright surface;
Uniform zinc layer.
Short life span;
Fast corrosion rate;
Restrictions on zinc layer thickness.
Hot Dipped GI Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

Electro Galvanized Wire for Sale

Electro Galvanized Wire

Difference Between Hot Dipped Galvanizing and Electro-galvanizing

1. Different Zinc Layer Content

The most obvious difference between hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing is the different thickness of the zinc layer. Generally speaking, the electroplated zinc layer is usually 3~5 microns. If the customer has special requirements, the electroplated zinc layer can also reach 7~8 microns. Hot-dip galvanizing, on the other hand, can have a zinc layer thickness of 50 microns or more, up to a maximum of 100 microns. This shows that the thickness of the hot-dip galvanized layer is much higher than that of the electro-galvanized layer.

2. Different Manufacturing Techniques

Hot-dip galvanizing involves dipping the wire into a structural metal bath and coating the metal components with a layer of zinc. The zinc layer of galvanized wire made by this method has better adhesion and hardness. In contrast, electroplating is a zinc salt solution that is electrolyzed and placed onto the plated layer. This process generally does not require heating, so its plating is not as strong as hot-dip galvanizing and can easily peel off in humid environments.

3. Differences in Corrosion Resistance

As can be seen from the above, the zinc layer of hot-dip galvanizing is strong and thick. Therefore, steel wires made by hot-dip galvanizing process are extremely resistant to corrosion. Cold galvanizing has a thin zinc layer that is easily removed. In terms of corrosion resistance, hot-dip galvanizing is much stronger than cold-dip galvanizing.

4. Different Prices

The price of finished hot-dip galvanized products is higher than finished cold-dip galvanized products, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process and the rust prevention ability. Generally speaking, if you want higher corrosion resistance, then go for hot-dip galvanizing. If you don’t have that much budget, cold galvanized would be a better choice.

GI Wire in Wanzhi Steel

GI Wire in Wanzhi Steel

High Quality Electro Galvanized Wire

High Quality Electro Galvanized Wire

Which Is Better, Hot Dipped Galvanized or Electro-galvanized Wire?

Obviously, hot-dipped galvanized wire is superior to electro-galvanized wire both in terms of corrosion resistance and service life. Hot-dipped galvanized wire has a thicker zinc layer and therefore offers better protection than electro galvanized wire. However, the cost of hot-dipped galvanized wire is higher. Therefore, if you are looking for a cost-effective option for a short-term project, electro-galvanized wire can be a good fit for you. Electro-galvanized wire is not as good as hot-dipped galvanized wire for corrosion protection, but it is sufficient for use in normal environments. To specify the right type of wire for your next project, you can judge which one is right for you based on your actual needs and budget. If you still can’t make a choice, you can contact Wanzhi Steel. One of our professional sales managers will work out a solution for you.

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At Wanzhi Steel, we sell all different types of wire, including hot-dipped galvanized and electro-galvanized wire. In addition to these, we can also offer other finishes such as PVC coating. Whichever type of wire you are ready to purchase, be sure to make Wanzhi Steel your first choice. Once you choose to work with us, we will provide you with a reasonable price. If you are interested in learning more about the different steel wires available, contact us now for more details!