Galvanised Steel Mesh Panel

Galvanized Steel Mesh Panel

Opening Size:  1/4” – 8”
Wire Diameter: 0.5 mm – 10 mm
Surface treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized or Electro-galvanized
Supply Ability: 10,000 pieces per month

Galvanized Steel Mesh Panel

Galvanized steel mesh panel is long-lasting for a wide range of applications, such as animal cages, security fencing, infill panels, filtration systems, etc. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and smooth surface. Compared to the sheet material, it is more cost-effective. Also, it is light in weight, which makes it easy to install. So galvanized mesh panel is user-friendly and also a promising investment. Wanzhi Steel stocks various steel wire mesh products in different opening sizes, diameters, shape designs, and mesh sizes to meet different projects.

Galvanised Steel Mesh Panel

Galvanized Square Mesh Panel

Galvanised Steel Mesh Panel

Rectangular GI Mesh Panels

Specification of Galvanized Mesh Panels

  • Material: Carbon steel wire or galvanized wire
  • Opening Size:  1/4” – 8”
  • Wire Diameter: 0.5 mm – 10 mm
  • Surface treatment: Hot-dipped galvanized or Electro-galvanized
  • Supply Ability: 30,000 pieces per month
  • Opening Shape: Rectangular, square
  • Processing Service: Bending, welding, cutting, punching, etc.

What Is GI Mesh Panel?

The galvanized wire mesh panels are made of high-quality iron wires, which are welded into mesh panels. It often refers to welded wire meshes. Some are galvanized before welding (GBW), which uses galvanized wire as base material. Some are galvanized after welding (GAW). The mesh panel is galvanized by electroplating or hot-dip galvanizing process. This process will form a layer of zinc coating to protect the mesh from corrosion and rust. It is widely used in garden fences, vegetable racks, protective covers, animal enclosures, shelves, baskets, etc.

Welded Mesh Panels

Welded Mesh Panels

Galvanised Steel Mesh Panels

Galvanised Mesh Panels

Types of Galvanized Mesh Panel

Galvanized welded mesh contains GAW (galvanized after welding) and GBW (galvanized before welding) types. Also, according to the galvanizing method, there are electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized types.

The GAW mesh uses high-quality low-carbon steel wires as a base material. Then the mesh panel will be fully dipped into high-temperature molten zinc. In comparison, the hot-dipped GAW mesh panel is the most corrosion-resistant and durable because its zinc coating is thicker. So it is suitable for outer uses or harsh environments. While the electro-galvanized process is more productive so that it is more affordable.

GBW meshes use galvanized steel wire as raw material and then are welded woven into meshes. During the welding process, the zinc layer is burnt off. It means that the welded joints are unprotected. If the wires are woven, the galvanizing is not affected. However, the woven meshes are more vulnerable. It is often found in indoor areas or chicken fencing.

Features of Galvanized Steel Mesh Panels

  • Smooth surface & Shiny appearance
  • Great Durability – Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Available in different gauges and mesh sizes
  • Lightweight – Easy to install and store
  • Excellent toughness and flexibility
Galvanised Steel Mesh Panel Size Measurement

Mesh Size Measurement

Wire Diameter Measurement

Wire Diameter Measurement

Application of Galvanized Mesh Panels

As galvanized mesh panels have high strength, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance, it is popular in different areas, including:

  • Fencing for houses, gardens, sports fields, highways, bridges, etc.
  • Animal caging & enclosures
  • Farm, garden & agricultural uses
  • Window screens or gates
  • Infill panels or partition
  • Gabions or wall & slope retention
  • Industrial use, such as filter system

Packaging Of GI Panels

GI wire panels are often packaged with a layer of kraft paper inside and a layer of plastic film. It aims to protect the panels from getting damp during transportation and storage. Besides, there are wooden pallets between the packages, which can fix the panels tightly during transportation. So you will get the panels safely. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions when receiving the goods. We will reply in 12 hours.

Package of Galvanised Mesh Panel

Package of Galvanised Mesh Panels

Package of GI Panels

Package of GI Panels

Get Price of Galvanized Mesh Panel

The galvanized steel wire mesh price differs with many factors. You will find the price ranges from 8 to 20 dollars per piece on the market. The size, wire diameter, galvanized method, zinc coating thickness, packaging cost, transportation, tax, etc influence it. Wanzhi Steel, as a steel wire mesh supplier in China, always offers quality products at a competitive price. That’s why we are popular among investors all over the world. We have our own factory to provide custom solutions to better meet your needs as well. Besides, we also stock a wide array of PVC coated wire mesh specifications. Welcome to contact us for more information.