Annealed wire specification and difference with cold drawn

Annealed Wire is a kind of steel wire that has been treated by a special heat treatment process. Specifically, it is obtained by heating the steel wire to a certain temperature and keeping it for a period of time, and then slowly cooling it. This process is called annealing. So what is the role of annealing? What is the difference between annealed wire and cold drawn wire? I hope the following article will help you.

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What does annealing do to wire?

During the annealing process, the wire is heated to a temperature that releases the stresses caused during cold working, making the wire more ductile. In addition to releasing stresses, annealing makes the metal very homogenous in structure.

Annealing Specifications


Process Annealing
Annealing Process Bright Annealing
Atmospheric Gas Hydrogen
Annealing Temperature Up to 2000° F
Wire Shape Round
Materials Aluminum
Nickel Alloys
Resistance Wire Alloys
Thermocouple Alloys
Platinum Alloys
Glass Sealing Alloys
Bonding Wire
Numerous Additional Options Available
Finish Bare
Wire Diameter 0.0004″ to 0.040″
10 microns to 1.0 mm
Other Sizes on Request
Wire Length Cut Lengths: 0.125″ to 72″
No Limit on Spooled Lengths
Flat Wire Width 0.0004″ to 0.10″
10 microns to 2.5 mm
Other Sizes on Request
Production Volume Prototype
Low Volume
High Volume
Typical Lead Time Quoted on a Job by Job Basis


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What is the difference between annealed wire and cold-drawn wire

Annealed Wire

1. Annealing is a heat treatment process that heats the wire to a certain temperature and holds it for a period of time, then slowly cools it to reduce the internal stress of the wire and improve its flexibility and ductility.

2. Annealed wire has good flexibility and is not easy to break, making it suitable for products or applications that require bending and deformation.

3. Because the annealing process removes internal stress, annealed wire is not prone to plastic deformation when stretched.

For example, Wanzhi Black Annealed Wire, it offers 0.45 mm to 5.0 mm (gauge 26 to gauge 6) available in diameter. It uses Q195 low carbon steel as raw material and the daily production is about 50 tons.

Annealed Wire

Cold-drawn Wire

Cold-drawn Wire

1. Cold drawing is the process of stretching the wire at room temperature. The process of stretching makes the grains of the wire finer, thereby increasing its strength and hardness.

2. Cold-drawn wire is harder and stronger than annealed wire, but it is also more brittle and less flexible.

3. Cold drawn wire is suitable for applications that require high strength and wear resistance, but is not as suitable as annealed wire for applications that require bending and deformation.


Storage of Cold-drawn Wire


In general, annealed wire is suitable for applications that require flexibility and ductility, while cold-drawn wire is suitable for applications that require high strength.

When choosing wire, you need to decide whether to use annealed wire or cold-drawn wire based on the specific application requirements.

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If you don’t know how to choose, our professional technicians will recommend it according to your usage environment, usage frequency, purpose, etc.

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