Welded Wire Mesh VS Woven Wire Mesh

At Wanzhi Steel, we have both welded and woven wire meshes for sale, which are made of quality low carbon steel or galvanized steel. You may wonder which one is better? Actually, it depends on what you need to use it for. Below let’s review the difference between woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh.

Difference Between Welded and Woven Wire Mesh

Woven Wire Mesh

Difference Between Welded and Woven Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Differences Between Welded And Woven Wire Mesh

1. Different Making Methods

One of the primary differences between woven and welded wire mesh is how they are constructed. Welded mesh is created by spot welding parallel longitudinal wires with cross wires together at the required spacing. While woven wire mesh is formed by weaving wires together, under and over one another. Generally, weaving process is almost fully automatic.

2. Different Features

As the intersection of welded wire mesh is welded and its opening size is permanent, it provides higher rigidity and strength. Its solid structure and fixed opening shape makes it not easy to deform under force. While the intersection of the woven wire mesh is not fixed so that it is pliable. Also, its wire diameter, opening size, weave pattern, width, and length can be customized according to your needs. To conclude, the welded mesh is more durable and stronger than the woven mesh. But the woven mesh is more flexible than those of welded mesh. And the flexibility of woven mesh also provides unique durability under press.

3. Different Opening Sizes

Generally, woven mesh is available with smaller opening sizes. But weaving is not suitble for large opening sizes. It is because it is hard to keep the shape for woven mesh in large opening sizes. By comparison, welded is better suited for larger openings (larger than 1/4″) because it is difficult to weld for fine opening sizes. As we know, in order to leave enough opening for welding, the mesh with smaller openings will use thinner wires. But the thin wires are easy to be melt during welding process. So if you need a larger opening size mesh, welded mesh will be a better choice.

4.Different Applications

Considering that welded wire mesh is more durable and stronger, it is preferable for security fencing, animal cages, and concrete wire mesh, etc. Due to the fine opening size, woven mesh is widely used in filtration products, insect screens, etc. More than that, its flexibility also allows it yield under outside pressure and then spring back. So it is also an ideal choice for livestock fencing or sport fields fencing, etc.

Security Fencing

Security Fencing

Window Screen Woven Mesh

Window Screen Woven Mesh

5. Price

Compared with the woven wire mesh, the welded wire mesh is more expensive. As mentioned, the weaving process of woven wire mesh is mostly automated. Welded wire mesh, however, requires more labor costs. That’s why the welded wire mesh is more costly.

Which One Is More Suitable For Me?

There are many factors to consider when choosing suitable wire meshes for your project. As mentioned above, both welded and woven wire meshes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better? It depends on your use purpose. You can ask yourself some questions:

1. What will you use the wire mesh for?
2. Which mesh size do you want to use?
3. How long do you want the mesh to last?
4. Is the appearance of mesh important?
5. Is there any potential factors that will shorten the service life of the wire mesh?
6. Do you have enough budgets?

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Wanzhi Steel manufactures and supplies both welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh in different sizes, openings, and materials for different application needs. We have been in this industry for decades and also sold our products all over the world. So we have an experienced team to serve you to save your time and money from pre-sales to after-sales. Welcome to contact us for more details!