Galvanized Field Fence to Vanuatu
Release Date:2022-11-04

On November 4, 2022, 950 rolls of galvanized field fence were ready to be shipped to Vanuatu. This batch of field fence has two specifications, including a total of 490 rolls of 2.0mm wire diameter and 1.5m high, and a total of 460 rolls of 2.0mm wire diameter and 0.9m high. Here is a video of loading the goods onto the truck for your reference.

Why Do Customers Buy Field Fence?

Field fence has the characteristics of sturdy and precise, smooth mesh surface, even mesh, toughness, and pressure resistance. It can be used for captive poultry, slope greening, garden greening with net, safari, grassland, pasture, and other places. As a result, it is popular in the market. And there are more farms in the customer’s area, and the demand for field fence is high. Therefore, the customer is ready to buy field fence for local retail. The reason for purchasing from Wanzhi Steel was that we offered a suitable price and our overall service made the customer feel satisfied. After discussing more details, finally, we reached cooperation.

Galvanized Grassland Mesh

Galvanized Field Fence

Loading Grassland Mesh to Truck

Loading Field Fence to Truck

950 Rolls of Grassland Mesh

950 Rolls of Field Fence