Chicken Wire Size

The size of chicken wire refers to the spacing of the wire mesh. The most common chicken wire sizes are 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 2 inches. In general, the smaller the size of the wire mesh, the tighter the weave. This wire is usually made of galvanized steel, which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. It can be used not only for fencing poultry but also for gardens and some crafts. To learn more details, please read on.

Chicken Wire

Chicken Wire

Hexagonal Mesh for Poultry

Hexagonal Mesh for Chicken

Chicken Wire Mesh Rolls

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Chicken Wire Size Chart

Chicken Wire Mesh
Mesh Size
Wire Diameter
Width & Length
In Inch In MM In MM
3/8” 9.52 mm 0.42 mm – 0.50 mm  


Width: 0.5 m – 2.0 m

Length: 25 m, 30 m



1/2” 12.7 mm 0.38 mm – 0.80 mm
5/8” 16 mm 0.38 mm – 1.0 mm
3/4” 19 mm 0.38 mm – 1.2 mm
1” 25.4 mm 0.38 mm – 1.2 mm
5/4” 31 mm 0.55 mm – 1.2 mm
3/2” 38.1 mm 0.55 mm – 1.4 mm
2” 50.8 mm 0.55 mm – 1.5 mm
3” 76.2 mm 0.65 mm – 1.5 mm
4” 101.6 mm 1.2 mm – 2.0 mm

Common Sizes and Applications

Different sizes of chicken wire are used for different purposes, depending on the needs and requirements of the application. Here are some common uses for different sizes of chicken wire.

1. 1/2 Inch Chicken Wire

This size of chicken wire is the smallest size of chicken wire commonly available. The tight mesh is very useful for keeping out small pests and predators such as mice and snakes. It is commonly used for poultry fencing and for creating small animal enclosures such as rabbits or guinea pigs.

2. 1 Inch Chicken Wire

This size of chicken wire is the most commonly used and the most versatile size. It has a slightly larger mesh but is still effective at keeping out small animals. It can be used for poultry fencing, garden fencing, and pet fencing, as well as for craft projects and DIY home improvement projects.

3. 2 Inch Chicken Wire

This size of chicken wire has a larger mesh and is more suitable for large animals, such as dogs or goats, or for making large garden fences. It is also used in construction and landscaping projects such as making temporary fences or reinforcing slopes and dams.

Chicken Fence

Chicken Fence

Vegetable Fence

Vegetable Fence

Garden Fence

Garden Fence


Chicken wire is a versatile and affordable material that has a wide range of uses in both domestic and industrial environments. As a leading steel manufacturer, Wanzhi Steel offers different sizes of chicken wire for different purposes. Alternatively, if you need other stronger mesh rolls or panels, you can choose between chain link fencing and field fence. If you need our advice, contact us now for a step-by-step discussion.