Chain link fence Benifits, Price, Uses

Chain link fence, also known as diamond fence, diagonal fence, hook wire fence, active mesh, etc., is a mesh product woven from metal wires (such as iron wire, stainless steel wire, etc.). It has the advantages of strong structure, durability, beauty, economy, and practicality, and is widely used in many fields. It can be divided into three types: burlap, folded edge shrink handle, and twisted edge lock handle.

Green mesh fence

chain link fence mesh galvanized

Barbed Wire Cattle Fence

Barbed Wire Cattle Fence

Hexagonal GI Wire Mesh

Hexagonal GI Wire Mesh

GI Chicken Wire Mesh

GI Chicken Wire Mesh

Chain link fence Weight&Price Calculation Formula

1. For Galvanized Chain Link Fence


1)Weight per square meter (kg) = wire diameter × wire diameter × 1.335 ÷ aperture

2) Cost per square meter= weight per square meter × wire unit price + processing fee + circulation fee


2. For Plastic-Coated (PVC) Chain Link Fence


1)Weight per square meter (kg) = wire diameter × wire diameter × 1.335 × 1.2 ÷ aperture


2)Cost per square meter= weight per square meter × wire unit price + processing fee + circulation fee

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

PVC Chain Link Mesh

PVC Chain Link Mesh

Chain Link Fence Best Price Ranking

From the table below, a barbed wire fence is the cheapest, but it is suitable for blocking the isolation of relatively large objects or animals, for the size of some objects, a barbed wire fence is far from enough.

In contrast, a metal chain link fence is relatively the most cost-effective, it can isolate multiple species of objects at the same time, usually, its mesh, wire diameter, and height can be customized, so the solidity, economy, and applicability are relatively high, it is the preferred choice for everyone to take materials.


Fence material Price
Barbed Wire Cheapest
Electric/Invisible Cheaper
Metal Chain link Cheap to Expensive
Wood & Privacy Moderate
Vinyl Moderate
Aluminum More Expensive
Wrought Iron More Expensive
Composite More Expensive

mental chain link fence

gi chain link fence

Where is the chain link fence used?

1. Construction

Hook construction site fences, temporary isolation walls, decorative nets, or sunshade nets for exterior walls.

2. Agriculture

Fences of orchards and farms, climbing brackets, or support nets for crops.

3. Sports

Fences of stadiums, basketball courts, and football fields.

4. Transportation

Isolation road, railway and other fences, hillside protection netting, slope paving and stable

5. Mining/Chemical/Machinery industry

Screen materials, and filter impurities.

6. Other uses

Making everyday items such as cage baskets, and enclosures for pet cages

PVC Coated Chain Link Fence for Aminal Control

Animal Control

For protection

DOg cage


Gabion Wall

Gabion Wall

Garden Fence

Garden Fence

How long will a galvanized chain link fence last?

As mentioned above, since a galvanized chain link fence is more economical, how long can it last?

The galvanized chain link fence is made of galvanized steel. Its service life is the same as galvanized steel, which can last for decades.

If you maintain it properly, such as not soaking it in rain for a long time, not using corrosive cleaning agents to wash it, and avoiding scratches from sharp objects, it will greatly extend its service life.

If you have a larger budget, it is recommended to consider a PVC chain link fence, which is more durable, more beautiful, and has a variety of colors.

The table below predicts the service life of galvanized steel based on a 30-month corrosion study conducted in 2004 on environmental factors such as humidity, moisture, and air contaminants.

Prediction of when the zinc coating on galvanized steel will be consumed
Storage of galvanized steel in wet or soaked environments 10 years
100% relative humidity 34 years
Relative humidity below 60%. 211 years

Source: Journal of Civil Engineering Materials 2004 (11).

Will galvanized chain link fence rust? Please keep reading.

How long will a galvanized chain link fence last?

Galvanization is a zinc coating applied over the top of steel. It prevents rust and corrosion far longer than paint will, often for 50 years or more, but eventually, that brown rot will set in.


How do you keep a galvanized chain link fence from rusting?

1. Regular cleaning, such as dust, leaves, plastic bags, rubbish, paper, etc. trapped in the mesh.

2. Use mild detergent to clean, do not use metal brushes.

3. Spray the rust in time

4. Apply antirust paint regularly.


What are the benefits of a chain link fence?

1. Structurally robust:

The mesh structure of · hooked wire mesh is strong, not easy to deform, and can withstand large tensile force and impact.

2. Aesthetically pleasing:

Its diamond or rhomboid mesh design makes the whole mesh look beautiful and decorative.

3. Economical and practical:

Chain link fencing is relatively inexpensive and easy to install and maintain, making it highly cost-effective.


How many types of chain link fence?

1. Classified by name

1) Chain Link Fence

This is the most basic name and also the most common.

2)  Diamond mesh

It is named because its mesh shape is mostly diamond-shaped.Wanzhi has Galvanized Diamond Mesh for sale.

3)  Diagonal mesh

 The shape of the mesh is close to a rhomboid, similar to but slightly different from diamond mesh.

4)  Ring-linked net and ring-chain net

Emphasize the connection between the wires and the overall structure of the net

5)Hooked Wire Mesh, Anchor Wire Mesh

These designations may relate more to the application or function of hooked wire mesh in some specific area.

6)Wire mesh fence, Mesh for Farming Fence, live wire mesh

These designations then directly point out the specific use or characteristics of the hooked wire mesh.

2. Classification by material

1). PVC

It is woven with wire made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

2)Stainless steel wire

It is woven with stainless steel wire and has excellent corrosion resistance without surface treatment. Common materials include 201, 302, 304, 304L, 316, etc.

3)  High-quality low-carbon steel wire (iron wire)

woven with high-quality low-carbon steel wire (iron wire), the price is relatively low, but the strength is higher.

4) Galvanized wire

including cold-dip galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing. The galvanizing treatment improves the corrosion resistance of the steel wire.

5)  Aluminum alloy wire

woven with aluminum alloy wire, it has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistance.

3. Classified by surface treatment

1) Electro-galvanized

A layer of zinc is plated on the surface of the steel wire through the electroplating process to improve the corrosion resistance.

2) Hot dip galvanized

The steel wire is immersed in molten zinc liquid and a zinc-iron alloy layer is formed through a hot-dip plating process, which has stronger corrosion resistance.

3) Plastic coated (PVC, PE plastic coated)

A layer of plastic material such as PVC or PE is coated on the surface of the steel wire to form a protective layer to improve corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

4) Plastic dipped

The chain link fence is immersed in plastic powder, which is heated to melt and adhere to the surface of the mesh to form a uniform coating.

5) Plastic sprayed

The plastic powder is sprayed onto the surface of the mesh through a spraying process and then cured to form a coating.

4. Classification by use

1) Decorative Chain Link Fence

Mainly used for indoor and outdoor decoration, fences and other occasions with high aesthetic requirements.

2) Sports field chain link fence (simple fence)

Used for fences or guardrails in sports venues such as stadiums, basketball courts, and football fields.。

3) Protective chain link fence

It is widely used in protection and isolation in construction sites, mines, transportation facilities and other fields.For example, prevention and reinforcement of landslides, mud-rock flows, river breaches, etc.

5) Chain link fence for greening

It is combined with soil and vegetation and used in environmental protection fields such as slope greening and mountain protection.




Common specifications of chain link fence

The specifications of chain link fences include a variety of parameters, such as wire diameter range, mesh size, size specifications, etc. These parameters can be customized according to customer needs. The following are some common specifications and size information:


Wire diameter range

Chain link fences have a wide range of wire diameters, and the common wire diameter range is between 2mm and 6mm, depending on the desired product type and purpose. For example, the wire diameter range of plastic-coated wire chain link fences (after plasticization) is 2mm-6mm.

1. Mesh size

The mesh size of chain link fences is also relatively rich, and the common mesh size includes 20 mm-120 mm. The specific mesh size can be selected according to demand, such as 50mmx50mm, 70mmx70mm, etc.

2. Size specifications

The size specifications of chain link fences are usually larger, with a maximum size of 3000mmx4000mm, suitable for different venues and uses.

In addition, the color of the chain link fence can also be selected according to demand. Common colors include grass green, dark green, yellow, white, black, etc.

The following are the specifications of the chain link fence produced by Wanzhi Steel

Wanzhi Steel chain link fence specifications
Mesh size 1/1.5/ 2/ 2.25/ 2.4/ 2.5/ 3/ 4 (inch)

25/ 40/ 50/ 55/ 60/ 65/ 76/ 100(mm)

Wire diameter 18#–7# (1.20mm-5.0mm)
Net length 1.0m-50m
Net width 0.5m-5.0m

Chain Link Fence Purchase Tips

When purchasing chain link fence, we should pay attention to the following points:

1. Choose a regular manufacturer: The product quality of regular manufacturers is more guaranteed, and the after-sales service is more complete.

2. Pay attention to product quality: Check whether the material, mesh size, weaving process, etc. of the product meet the requirements.

3. Consider actual needs: Choose appropriate specifications and models according to the place of use and needs.

4. Compare prices: Under the premise of ensuring quality, choose products with high-cost performance.

In short, as a multifunctional mesh product, chain link fence can be divided into many types according to the name, material, surface treatment, and purpose. These different types of chain link fences have their own characteristics and advantages and can meet the needs of various occasions.


China Wanzhi Steel is a professional chain link fence manufacturer. We have chain link fences of various shapes, Galvanized, and PVC optional, you only need to send the following information:

What You Need To Send We Provide
1. Size of wire hole 1. Customized solutions
2. Height 2. High-quality products
3. Length 3. Favorable prices
4. Wire diameter 4. Production process tracking
5. Color (galvanized for silver white or silver gray) 5. Timely delivery
6. Packaging requirements 6. Full after-sales service


You can get a free quote. If you don’t know what diameter or process to use, it’s okay. We will recommend it based on your application and provide free samples. We look forward to our cooperation!